VANILIN (actually: Valentin Albrecht) was born at 7th November 1978 in Smirnovka, near Kostanay, northern Kazakhstan. With 12 years announced VANILIN himself in a school of music, which he visited 3.5 years long.




But because at this school no guitar instruction was offered, he learned the first guitar grasps of his older brother Viktor. To 13.04.1994 it had to break the school of music off with 15 years its homeland abandoned over to move to Germany. The life conversions have it in addition induce the first Song "Nostalgia" to write. Further followed and meanwhile already are it over 50 songs. The songs are nearly always melancholic sad and always argue with the topic "love". In addition, most songs were written on russian-language, it give on german, ukrainian and english.




VANILIN had first and most appearances in most diverse locations in the city Marburg / Hessen, where he completed the training as a physiotherapist in the time of 2000 to 2003. The first CD with the title "Naliwaj bratok" taken up by it in the year 2002 and the album "VANILIN-owaja osen" in the year 2007.




He co-operated with the musicians of the ensemble "Karussell", groups: "Orion express" and "BeSpRiDeL", with the singer Rotjana and rappers how:  Sakura, Mitja Udochkin and MC Solotoj.